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Even Bankruptcy Judge is Done With One Madison Park

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There have been some concrete developments in several of the One Madison Park lawsuits lately, but One Madison Park's periods of progress never last long. And so the latest development: even the Delaware bankruptcy judge on the case is now totally sick of the building. In his newest opinion, he ruled that part of the building's bankruptcy dispute needs to move to a New York court because the "proceedings are extremely contentious and there is minimal cooperation among the parties," according to The Real Deal. This portion of the case involves a few creditors who claim they are owed four apartments or the equivalent millions, and their lawyer, Barry Slotnick, already has plans to take the case to New York Supreme Court.

Judge Kevin Gross couldn't get rid of every portion of the One Mad Park drama, however. The main bankruptcy case will still be heard in Delaware, and Judge Gross will be involved with whatever new plan for the building is developed this year. And the judge thinks he's tired of it now!
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One Madison Park

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