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West Village Four-Bedroom Rents for Just $332/Month

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There are few things we love (to hate) more than a rent-controlled apartment in the West Village, and the Times has found a few that might even top that $127/month place on Morton Street. Turns out that a handful of the 16,000 rent-controlled apartments left in Manhattan are above the Cherry Lane Theater at 38 Commerce Street. The theater's technical director pays $750/month for his one-bedroom?and that's hefty compared to the across-the-hall neighbor who pays just $331.76/month.
That neighbor is 80-year-old "I don't plan on dying because I don't want to give up a rent-controlled apartment" Arnold Warwick. His place is 1,200 square feet, with four bedrooms and 11-foot ceilings. Landlord Angelina Fiordellisi, the theater's executive director, tells the Times the tenants pay a total of about $65,000/year in rent and she only just breaks even on building costs. The tenants have one complaint: sometimes they hear the shows being performed in the theater downstairs, which can make for awkward eavesdropping depending on the play.
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