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Upper East Side Spare Parts Condo Asks $2 Million

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Has everybody seen the poster for that new Denzel Washington movie, Safe House? It seems problematic that the movie is called Safe House and the tagline is "No one is safe," because it's not really a Safe House then, is it, if no one is safe? Maybe it should be called Normal House. Similarly, this apartment listing should probably not include the words "High Ceilings." To be fair, the above picture is taken from the apartment's weird loft.

As you can see, the luxurious bedroom area (one of four total "bedrooms") features a wall...made out of venetian blinds? And, if you look closely in the bottom right, a door that opens vertically, like a garage door? And a ceiling...of some sort...

Look, it's not easy to make fun of something when you aren't sure what it is, but suffice it to say this apartment is a qualified addition to our That's Rather Hideous archive. It costs $2,000,000.

Although this particular apartment isn't listed on Streeteasy, it looks like a similar unit in the same building is, shedding some light (ha) on that ceiling, which is apparently made out of lightbulbs.
?Jeremiah Budin
· Listing: 510 East 80th Street []
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510 East 80th Street

510 East 80th Street, New York, NY