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Javits Architect Continues Rearranging Titanic Deck Chairs

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Among Governor Andrew Cuomo's proposals in this year's State of the State address was this one: demolish the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center and replace it with hotels, housing, and museums, with conventions to take place at a new center near Queens' Aqueduct racetrack. One problem with the proposal? Architect Bruce S. Fowle is still in the middle of renovating the Javits Center. "The waste of creative energy, money and material that would result in its being torn down is painful to think about," Fowle tells the Times. The $390 million renovation has already replaced the facade and brightened the place up, and the green roof is underway. Fowle is holding out hope that the renovation will convince folks to keep Javits standing, but a few aspects of the renovation, including the planned landscaped plaza, are already headed for cancelation.
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