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Five Cheaper Alternatives to Tribeca's Priciest Real Estate

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Welcome to Splurge/Steal, a feature that we've shamelessly borrowed from our friends at Eater. In it, we give you five high-class apartments in a particular neighborhood and five more affordable (but still probably not all that affordable) versions of each one. Got any tips? Send them in to our tipline.

1) 58 Reade St. #PH ($8,995,000) / 158 Chambers St. #PH ($1,685,000)
Similarities: They're both penthouses with fairly large kitchen spaces and stairs.
Differences: 58 Reade has large other spaces as well. Also it has stairs inside the apartment, whereas the stairs involved with 158 Chambers are because it's a walk-up.

2) 408 Greenwich St. #8 ($8,750,00) / 50 Franklin St. #16A ($1,850,000)
Similarities: Open spaces with lots of natural light, multiple bedrooms, doormen.
Differences: The open spaces in 408 Greenwich are bordered by a fireplace, fancy bronze panels, marble, and expensive wood. They are also bigger and the natural light is presumably derived from a fancier sun. But 50 Franklin has a terrace! Take that! Also, the doorman at 408 Greenwich is a virtual doorman, which is either better or worse depending on whether you prefer robots or people.

3) 101 Warren St. #3250 ($8,600,000) / 288 West St. #3E ($1,995,000)
Similarities: Both feature visible beams, views of the Hudson River, large living rooms, a terrace/roof deck, three bedrooms, and between 2,200 and 2,300 square feet.
Differences: These two are actually very similar. West basically looks like a version of Warren that was made out of much older wood. Also, Warren has three and a half baths to West's one. And it's a duplex.

4) 427 Washington St. #4 ($6,995,000) / 100 Hudson St. #8E ($1,350,000)
Similarities: These two are both co-ops with high beamed ceilings, and lots of big windows.
Differences: Washington is bigger and simply seems like it was made out of more expensive stuff. Those floors! Whatever "Chevron oak" is, it sure looks great. It's not like Daniel Craig is checking out 100 Hudson St.

5) 60 Beach St. #PH2 ($7,460,000) / 80 Chambers St. #8C ($795,000)
Similarities: Both have terraces, and...walls... Okay, these two aren't that similar.
Differences: Approximately 2,000 square feet, two beds, two and a half baths, seven million dollars.
?Jeremiah Budin

288 West Street

288 West Street, New York, NY 10013

50 Franklin

50 Franklin, New York, New York 10013