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Inside The Actor's Studio Apartment Shows New Yorkers Before They Are Stars

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While "Inside the Actors' Studio" host James Lipton will fawningly inquire about his guests' Academy Award-winning performances and commercial successes, Daniel Bowers asked comedian Jon Friedman whether his club show featuring rejected material made him feel like he was stealing paid-for work from his former employer, "The Late Show With Jimmy Fallon". Bowers' own web show "Inside The Actor's Studio Apartment" is a "Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous" featuring artists who are neither, yet. Instead, they can almost give tours of their NYC homes without leaving their chairs, and common amenities are steel bar window gates and fixtures with bare light bulbs. Agreeing to showcase her home, actress and comedian Grace Helbig cheerfully begins, "Let me show you my shit palace, as I like to call it." Episodes of "Inside The Actor's Studio Apartment" appear half improv, half scripted, and almost entirely funny.

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