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Big Reveal: An East Village 3BR With Back Garden

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Almost all of this week's commenters are going to be unimpressed with the asking price of $1.85 million for the 3BR/1.5BA condo at 325 East 9th Street. That's still too high for our readers, even after a recent trim from $1,995,000 about seven weeks ago. The median guess in the comments was $1.5 million, with many skeptical of the bedroom count?"nothing actually resembling a 3[rd] bedroom unless you like dark windowless living areas". The relative narrowness was also a turnoff; although if exposed brick arouses a fear of being entombed alive, we recommend lofts over townhouses. Everyone seemed positive about the back garden and the neighborhood. Thanks for playing!
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325 East 9th Street

325 East 9th Street, New York, NY