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Stalled Crown Heights Condo Actually Coming Back to Life

We called Crown Heights' 393 Lefferts Avenue a corpse back in 2009, when the building's shell, stalled mid-construction, went back on the market for $8.5 million. But we declared time of death too soon. The building has actually sold, the brokers tell us, for the much discounted price of $4.65 million. The property was originally planned as a 33-unit condo building with a 17-car parking garage. But what will it be now?

The seller had suggested making the units smaller, for a total of 52 rental units, but the buyer hasn't made definite plans yet. Construction?which was 60 percent done when it stalled?should start up again in the "near future." Miracles do happen.
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Prospect-Lefferts Gardens

393 Lefferts Avenue, Brooklyn, NY