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Staid One Sutton Place South Unleashes 32-Window Beast

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Occupying a full wing of the seventh floor at One Sutton Park South, this recently-listed 13-room co-op is the largest—and most expensive—offering to come out of that storied building since the resolution of the ages-old, but rarely-discussed, private park issue. A waterfront portion of the building's formerly private backyard is being converted into a public park, but from up on seventh floor, that shouldn't be too bothersome, considering the 32 windows spread over four exposures probably offer enough views from a better vantage point. Listed for $15M, the place is furnished in the height of French-influenced granny chic, but at this price point, the interiors probably don't dissuade many buyers, especially in light of the elegant floor plan. What might is the neighborhood, which, while certainly still upscale, is even sleepier than the Upper East Side.

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1 Sutton Place South

1 Sutton Place South, New York, NY