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1 WTC Gains a Law Firm and Loses a Subway Sandwich Shop

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The Freedom Tower gained a major tenant this week and lost a sky-high lunch spot. Law firm Chadbourne & Parke is close to becoming the second major tenant at 1 WTC in a move downtown from Rockefeller Center. Separately, construction workers are losing their lunch spot on the top floors, where the Subway-shop-converted shipping container moved in tandem with work on the upper reaches of the building. Chadbourne & Parke is near signing a deal that would move 1 WTC to 2/3 fully leased before its completion. The 110-year-old law firm is returning downtown after a 40 year stint in midtown, according to the Times. A major obstacle to the deal was overcoming resistance from partners (mostly residing on the UES or commuting into Grand Central), who would have to endure a longer commute to a downtown work address.

Cutting commutes was the goal of installing the movable Subway sandwich shop in the tower, to save iron workers the 90 minute round-trip in the tower's hoist when they were only allowed 30 minute breaks for lunch. The Subway never had enough customers to break even (apparently iron workers enjoy 90 minutes for lunch as much as anyone) but steel contractor DCM Erectors agreed to eat any losses by the franchisee, according to Crain's. The narrowing of the tower as it reaches completion means there is no more room at the top for a lowly Subway sandwich stand.
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