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Abandoned Past and Forsaken Futures at Subway's Ghosts Stations

Ghost subway stations are regular presences below NYC's streets. Evidence of their life in urban limbo is usually glimpsed fleetingly out of the corner of one's eye as a train passes by them in the dark, which only adds to their spooky aura. Locating and exploring these stations reveals an exhibition of the city's past, and planned futures that never came to fruition.

Abandoned stations exist along functioning lines?victims of moves to increase capacity by lengthening trains and platforms, and decreasing the number of stops on a line. These can be viewed from passing trains if one knows where to look. Try City Hall, which is the location of one of the most ornate abandoned stations taken out of service. Other stations exist along line extensions that were never built, or abandoned when priorities changed and available funds dried up, according to WNYC.

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