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The Bland, Beigey Confines of NYC's Priciest One-Bed Rental

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According to Streeteasy's database, this Waldorf Towers flat is the single most expensive one-bedroom apartment in the city...and it doesn't even have a kitchen. Listed for $35K per month, this overgrown hotel suite enjoys a spacious, 30-foot living room, three exposures, a powder room, and a boudoir to complement the master bath. Despite the hotel services—yes, that means room service—and its omission from the floor plan, there is a fully equipped kitchen in this high-priced pad, including a full-sized fridge for keeping the Cristal cold. No chances were taken with the interior design, however, as the beige-on-beige color scheme leaves a little to be desired, not that we'd expect anything modern from the Waldorf Astoria.
· 100 East 50th Street [Streeteasy]