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Admiral's Row Still Standing, Guy Protests Anyway

We headed down to the Brookyln Navy Yard this morning expecting to see bulldozers and the crumbling remains of Admiral's Row. Instead we found Scott Witter, the curator of a museum on Hall Street dedicated to the history and preservation of Brooklyn's landmarks (Brooklyn's Other Museum of Brooklyn). Mr. Witter, who was profiled in the Times in 2009, was in good spirits due to the fact that his struggle to get Admiral's Row landmarked remains ongoing. Apparently today is the day that engineers are supposed to begin stabilizing the two buildings that are not being demolished, not the day that bulldozers are supposed to destroy everything, which makes for much less exciting pictures.

See? Still there.

Although destruction may seem imminent, Mr. Witter is optimistic. He gave us a bunch of pins, a Landmark Admiral's Row information card, and copies of two letters he wrote, one of which is addressed to the New York City Council and the other to the President.

?Jeremiah Budin
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