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Brooklyn Heights' Most Expensive Sale Ever Closes for $11M

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And the fight for biggest Brooklyn sale of 2012 is on. The townhouse at 212 Columbia Heights had a hefty asking price for $13.5 million but sailed into contract quickly nonetheless. And now, as Brownstoner notes, the house has sold. The official final price: $11 million, a nice profit for the sellers, who paid $4.25 $8.5 million for it in 2006. And a nice one for the record books, since that price makes this the most expensive Brooklyn Heights house sale ever and ties it with a 2006 Gravesend sale as the borough's most expensive. Does the Clocktower penthouse have anything to say about this?
And that's not the only pricey sale to hit public record for Brooklyn. Brownstoner also spots the closing for 333 Kent Avenue, a long-time Curbed obsession. The property is artist Cosimo Cavallaro's 15,000-square-foot live/work space (once a bakery), which Cosimo wanted to turn into condo building called Punctilio. Instead of doing that, Cosimo shot for the PriceChopper Hall of Fame, listing the building for $12.8 million and then trimming the price all the way down to $4.995 million. It has sold at last for $5 million. There's no clear buyer ID or plan for the site yet, so stay tuned.
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212 Columbia Heights

212 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, NY