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Hipster Toll Brother Makes Good With 'Burg Conversion

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The Toll in question is actually a Toll Son, Jacob Toll, progeny of Toll Brothers chairman Jacob Toll. He gets some of his 15 minutes in a Journal piece about 76 North 4th Street, the former Williamsburg steel factory that was once slated to be Steelworks Lofts. Toll and Cayuga Capital Management acquired the building in late 2010 with plans for a rental conversion, and the Journal approves of what the team has done so far?with a few backhanded compliments at the elder Tolls: "Toll's City Living projects de-emphasize design, and end up looking like the type of cheap, slapped-together buildings that are loved by their upwardly mobile occupants but lamented by everyone else?.Jacob Toll, who is 31, and goes by Jake, is building a totally different type of project."

76 North 4th Street will contain 83 rental units that will ask around $60/square foot. The conversion, by Hustvedt Cutler Architects, will keep the "gritty" exterior but go for a different look inside. "I'm going to be focused on warmth: wood, porcelain, gas fireplaces," says Jacob Toll. "It's not just going to be light bulbs, hanging from exposed wires. That whole thing is kind of over now." What's not over: rooftop gardens, a sunbathing patio, bocce court, and barbecue pit, an amenities roundup that won't cause any family feuds.
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76 North 4th Street, Brooklyn, NY