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90-Square-Foot Renter Finally Makes It to Triple Digit Space

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Remember Felice Cohen? The writer and professional organizer gave the Internet a video tour of her 90-square-foot Upper West Side apartment, for which she paid a bit over $700/month. Curbed commenters who wondered whether the place was legal might want to offer their services to a psychic hotline: after seeing her video, Cohen's landlord kicked her out for having an illegal sublet. But it's all okay, the Post explained, because Cohen has used the savings from renting her tiny apartment to buy a bigger, 500-square-foot place. A peek through public records suggests she's moving nearby, to the West End Avenue apartment shown above. It was originally listed for $375,000 and most recently asking $245,000. Organized and a bargain-hunter!
How Cohen lived in only 90 square feet:

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