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Park Slope's Peculiar Pink House Tries Again at $2.4M

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Passerby could be excused for thinking the garish pink house at 233 Garfield Place in Park Slope has been stripped of its classic interiors and had them replaced with some of the '70s shag pad sort. But, alas, the owners—who have been in possession of the four-story townhouse for 70 years—managed to preserve the Gilded Age detailing, from the elaborately-carved fireplace mantels, to the wood-paneled staircase, to exceptional hand-made built-ins. With a little polishing, the 3,400 square feet of interiors should be something to rave about, but that facade is going to require some sandblasting and the "garden" isn't so hot either, with a mismatched red paint job on the rear facade and a barren expanse of concrete slab. Is the $2.4M price tag enough to lure an adventurous buyer? That price is $100K more than the house was asking back in 2009, when the owner claimed the pink paint job was an accident.

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233 Garfield Place

233 Garfield Place, Brooklyn, NY