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Old Brooklyn Cemetery Reveals Look for Its Next Life

Archpaper has the latest renderings of the makeover?under the supervision of the Brooklyn Greenway Initiative nonprofit?of the Brooklyn Navy Yard's former cemetery. The 1.7 acre site, to be called the Navy Yard Hospital Memorial Landscape and designed by Nelson Byrd Woltz and Rogers Marvel Architects, no longer has any bodies buried on it (they were moved in the 1920s). Instead, it will be a park with "a series of raised wooden walkways that will lead visitors around cement mooring blocks, stones, and native plantings that tie into the historical and material language of the waterfront?.In honor of those formerly buried beside the hospital, steel frames proportionate to the size of burial plots will be constructed and elevated a few feet off the existing grade." That all sounds lovely, though we have some concerns about this rendering: why is the child wearing what looks like a space suit? Will it save him or her from the bird of prey hovering dangerously in the top left corner?
The children are unsupervised in this one, too, but there are fewer dangerous birds overhead. Just some oddly large butterflies:

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