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Varick Gets More Crowded as Condos Replace Parking Lot

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Ground is being broken on Varick Street between Beach and North Moore Streets, where a parking lot and a giant billboard are giving way to a nine story glass and concrete condo development that will contain 16 units. The rendering above is an older one from architect Morris Adjmi, and appears taller than the allowed nine floors detailed on the building's DOB permit, but the footprint should be roughly the same. Sharp eyes should make be able to make out the Ghostbusters firehouse on North Moore that will face directly into the southern side of the new building (right side of image).

Manhattan Loft Guy addresses the issue of "view diligence" when buying properties in Manhattan, where a parking lot can be filled in right next door to your building and curtail your vistas. The view casualties of this new building are identified as the adjacent 9 North Moore Street, that will lost almost all of its western light, and 19 Beach Street to the north, that will have its views south down Varick narrowed.
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