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Seeking Mayor Bloomberg's Old Upper East Side Studio

Mayor Bloomberg's old world Upper East Side townhouse has already been exposed, so what more is there to say about the mayor's NYC dwellings? A bit, as it turns out, because enterprising home sellers like to advertise that boldface names like Bloomberg used to live in their homes. The finding of celebrity real estate connections (for all values of "celebrity") has become a "frenetic little industry," according to the Times. One participant is Michael Gales, the seller of a 600-square-foot studio at 333 East 66th Street?a studio he believes Mayor Bloomberg occupied (complete with DIY painted walls and plastic chandelier) beginning in 1966. Gales is currently asking $407,500 for the apartment, the price of which has rollercoastered from $415,000 to $398,000 and back up again since last summer. Unfortunately, Mayor Bloomberg does not believe he occupied Gales's #9N: he insists to the Times that his kitchen was actually on the left. So what's the celebrity-subtracted value of Gales's apartment?

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333 East 66th Street

333 East 66th Street, New York, NY