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Brownstone East Village Goes Full Frontal on 14th Street

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The brownstone with the most revealing facade in New York is on the market and new photos reveal all. Architect Bill Peterson, who designed and owns the 1BR/2.5BA garden unit featuring the innovative retractable facade, is putting it on the market for a sliver under $2.5 million. Other units in the building on 14th Street between Second and Third Avenues have been on the market recently, but Peterson's garden unit is what has garnered the most attention for the building. The 16'x12' retractable facade on the second floor is made of honeycombed aluminum covered with a veneer of brownstone. The light weight allows it to be opened and retracted with a push of a button, while an air curtain keeps some of the 14th Street atmosphere at bay. The rear of the building is almost as incredible?a paned garage door slides up to open the kitchen onto a verdant green lawn.

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Brownstone East Village

224 East 14th Street, New York, NY