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'Burg Salvation Army Spot Closed; CB 3 Strikes Back

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WILLIAMSBURG?The Salvation Army building at 176 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg did not, as once was rumored, become an Apple Store. But a tipster writes in that the building is closed for 18 months and will be razed, though all we see in the DOB files is a stop-work order for the property. Anyone know more? [CurbedWire Inbox]

CHINATOWN/LOWER EAST SIDE?The members of Community Board 3 will be launching a letter campaign to property owners and real estate brokers, in the hope of persuading local landlords to rent "to a diverse mix of commercial renters, not just to nightlife businesses, banks, and chain stores." And by persuasion, we mean a bit of an implied threat. The letter, according to an e-mail from CB 3 that appeared in the Curbed inbox, will also serve as "a notice to landlords that the community board is responsible for making recommendations to the New York State Liquor Authority to support or deny liquor licenses. The Board has confirmed its policies on not welcoming new licenses in areas already oversaturated with licensed businesses, which are also the areas of many resident complaints about nightlife noise. Landlords are therefore notified that they should not tell their prospective lessees that they can be assured of receiving a liquor license in oversaturated areas." [CurbedWire Inbox]