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The Rest of Renovated UWS Townhouse is Not So Impressive

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Back when this revamped Upper West Side townhouse was thrust onto the market in November, there was just one photo and the floor plan. That's a little light on the marketing materials for a house hoping to score a $7.5M profit on its pre-renovation price. Now, more photos have made it up online and we're...a little disappointed. Compared to the glassy atrium from the first photo, the rest of the interiors are rather boring and under-staged. In fairness, that might just mean this place has been left a blank canvas for the buyer, who could customize the house to their liking. But if that's the case, what's with the $12.5M price tag. Back when the house was purchased for $5M in 2009, part of the renovation had already been completed, with the interiors stripped "back to all the studs, beams and brick walls." So that must be $7.5M worth of drywall then, no?
· 45 West 84th Street [Elliman]
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45 West 84th Street

45 West 84th Street, New York, NY