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Notorious 50 Gramercy Park North Penthouse Cuts Its Price

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The penthouse at 50 Gramercy Park North has already had its 15 minutes of fame, thanks to the chewed-up chicken wings dropped from the penthouse onto the terrace of the 16th-floor unit. Following the chicken wing incident, Icelandic financier and alleged scammer Jon Asgeir Johannesson and his wife managed to unload the penthouse to another Icelandic investor for $22 million (they were originally asking $25M). But that investor didn't like the place enough to hang onto it: he relisted it quickly for just $21.4 million in June. And now it's been PriceChopped to a fresh ask of $18.9 million. What's the trouble here?

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50 Gramercy Park North

50 Gramercy Park North, New York, NY 10010