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Big Reveal: a 2BR in The West Village, on The Hudson

Guesses were all over the map this week for the 2BR at 1 Morton Square (#L6AE). The 2,000 square foot condo with 828 square feet of terrace currently lists at an even $5 million. Some people were enthralled with the West Village location and then low-balled by a wide margin; while others were put off by the view of Jersey or its "brutalist" terrace overlooking the Hudson. But the key figure is $2,500 per square foot, which is how much the place is selling for. Any buyer must be ready to fall in love with all the elements?the view, the terrace, the building amenities, the location?as a whole to pay that much, and some readers thought that $5 million was reasonable or would have gone higher. Thanks for playing!
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