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A Mid-Block Rarity Offers Up Light-Filled One-Bedroom Loft

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With expansive windows, towering ceilings, and a convenient East Village location, this one-bed loft at 38 East 1st Street shows quite well, but it's the building itself that makes this place so special. Nestled behind the row of buildings on First, and accessible via a passthrough in one of them, this enormous brick structure doesn't front on a street at all, but faces the flank of the Orthodox Cathedral on Second to the east and townhouse gardens to the west. Plus, the next renter will enjoy the prestige of living in one of the East Village's most expensive rental buildings. This apartment might be renting for $5,500 per month, but a full-floor pad upstairs rents for $30,000 a month, and someone seems to have actually signed a lease at that price. That pricey flat might have a ballroom, but this one has just the living room and a kinda cramped kitchen.

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