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Manhattan Q4 Sales in Black and White and Nine Other Hues

While many of us walk around with vague notions of which Manhattan neighborhoods command what prices per square foot, Property Shark has compiled a map that graphically illustrates how New Yorkers were spending their real estate dollars on condos and co-ops during the fourth quarter of 2011. The map also shows how many units at buildings were sold during the quarter, giving a dimension of quantity as well as quality of sales.

Separately, Property Shark ranked U.S. cities based on the average size of home sales; and it's no surprise why New Yorkers take a perverse pride in the "intimacy" of their dwellings. New York City ranked dead last in the list of 20 U.S. cities, with an average home size of 1,124 square feet. That was just over half the size of homes in Washington, DC, which occupied the top spot with an average home size of 2,237 square feet.

Money can buy space of course, but there are limits to that axiom in NYC. The average price of a home in Manhattan was four times that in the Bronx, but average home sizes were not significantly different between Manhattan and the average-sized home in the city's other four boroughs. See! We're all the same. Some just have nicer floors, more natural light, or better commutes than others.

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