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Brooklyn "Loftasaurous" Located in "Brick Beast" of a Building

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According to the brokerbabble, this 1,749-square-foot "loftasaurous" at 606 Driggs Avenue is located in a "Williamsburg brick beast that came to life in 1930." Now, don't get us wrong, we all love a little excitement in our listing text, but something about living in a pre-historic "beast" of a building doesn't strike us as terribly appealing. The apartment itself is quite nice though, with three windowed bedrooms, an in-unit washer/dryer, a renovated kitchen, and surround sound. Fourteen windows allow plenty of light into the unit, but schlepping it 40 feet down the hall from the master bedroom to the bathroom makes the $1.24M asking price a tall order. That's after an $86K price chop. Then again, if you make it to the bathroom, it's not much further to the Bedford L stop, just two blocks away.

· 606 Driggs Avenue #2-S [Corcoran]