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'Coach' House on CPW Sells for $22.4 Million

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The next time we hear that the high-end of Manhattan real estate is immune from market troubles, we'll recall the nearly $10 million that former Coach COO Keith Monda had to chop from his asking price before finally selling his six-story townhouse at 247 Central Park West. Monda put the 12,270 square foot mansion on the market in April 2010, when he was asking $32 million. A couple of pricechops later and Monda had to settle for a measly +40% gain in sale price, to $22.4 million, over the $15.6 million he bought the home for in 2006. Tough break.

Monda purchased the mansion on the park at West 85th Street from Abigail Disney (Walt's grandniece). We imagine him humming the theme to Disney's "Small World" theme park ride while enjoying the home's 60' lap pool.

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247Central Park West

247 Central Park West, New York City, NY 10024