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Choose One Skyscraper Above Them All

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What is New York's greatest skyscraper, or your favorite? That's a question the New York Landmarks Conservancy is asking. Vote in the Conservancy's online poll or nominate your own submission.

Staff picks of the Landmarks Conservancy:

1 Hanson Place (Williamsburgh Savings Bank Tower): Built in 1927 is among the tallest four-sided clock towers in the world.

15 Park Row: The world’s tallest office building from 1899 to 1908.

40 Wall Street (Bank of Manhattan): The tallest mid-block building in the City.

American Radiator Building (Bryant Park Hotel): Modern Gothic/Art Deco tour de force, perhaps the world’s only monumental structure clad in black and gold brick.

Chrysler Building: An Art Deco wonder, the world’s tallest steel supported, brick building.

Empire State Building: Designed in the distinctive Art Deco style, it stood as the world's tallest building for 40 years (1931 - 1972).

Flatiron Building: Upon completion in 1902, it was the only skyscraper north of 14th St.

GE Building (570 Lexington Avenue): This 50-floor skyscraper was originally known as the RCA Victor Building when designed in 1931 by John W. Cross of Cross and Cross.

Lever House: Completed in 1952, it was the first curtain wall skyscraper in New York.

Master Apartments: Corbett’s Art Deco masterwork at 310 Riverside Drive.

MetLife Tower: Modeled after the Campanile in Venice, Italy.

Woolworth Building: In the neo-Gothic style by legendary architect Cass Gilbert.