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Meet Williamsburg's Warehouse 11's $5,650/Month One BR Penthouse

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Warehouse 11 in Williamsburg has had a pretty wild ride, facing foreclosure and eventually even having that fire sale. But now that things have chilled out we even have the occasional flipper hoping to turn a profit in the building. So, needless to say our eyes lit up when we saw this rental listing for a penthouse in the building, asking $5,650/month for its 1,333 square feet. It's got two levels, with an open space on the upper level which can be used as a (makeshift) bedroom and nobody's going to doubt that the 18 foot ceiling in the living room is pretty nice. All good things, but this a pretty high rent for a building kind of a hike from the nicer competition closer to the waterfront.

· Listing: 214 North 11th Street 6N [Corcoran]