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$29.5M Fifth Avenue Penthouse Takes Terrace Game to New Levels

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Jaws will hit the ground if you own this place, because just look at the dimensions for the terrace space in this penthouse at 1107 Fifth Avenue. The West Terrace faces the park, with a whopping 75 feet of frontage which can certainly make entertaining an impressive affair. There's also terrace space pretty much wrapping around the apartment, with the exception of a small break outside the dining room. The apartment itself has four bedrooms but only three bathrooms, which could definitely be a problem for someone dropping nearly $30 million. We think the "every $10 million spent":number of bathrooms ratio (which will now be known as the Bathroom Index) should be higher than 1:1, no? But, on the other hand we have a feeling that the person buying this is going to be swayed by the outdoor space, which could certainly make up for any bathroom shortcomings. Agree? Or has this unseasonably warm January weekend hurled us into a cocktail-fueled fantasy, inevitably leading to bathroom lines at any party hosted here.

· Listing: 1107 Fifth Avenue Penthouse [BHSUSA]