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Tragic Turtle Bay Duplex Needs Some Serious Cosmetic Work, ASAP

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We had somewhat of a difficult time pinning down what is to blame more for the unfortunate situation this duplex at 245 East 50th Street is in, the apartment itself or the decor. The answer (duh) is both. The odd layout, unattractive colors, strange eat in kitchen, the turquoise tiles/flooring and just flat out weird design choices have us a little baffled. But, at 2,000 square feet is this place just waiting for someone with a vision that can turn it into a quite nice home? Will that person also shell out the $2,300,000 for the pleasure of a gut renovation in a nice, but far from prime, neighborhood? Big questions we have to ask ourselves. Oh, and another big drawback: common charges and taxes add up to over $5,500/month. Shall we say that a pricechopper visit is in order? Looks like it.
· Listing: 245 East 50th Street [Keller Williams]