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Just the One Full Bath for this "Four-Bed" Pre-War Rental

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Apart from using "across from One57" as a selling point, this pre-war beauty is one attractive duplex rental, with towering ceilings in the living room, separate dining room and library, and the potential for at least three bedrooms. The trouble arises when the occupants wish to wash themselves. Sure, there appears to be a powder room tucked away at the rear of the second level, but the only full bathroom, according to the floor plan, is secreted away through the kitchen in what could only really be described as a maid's room. The historic details are nice and all, but maybe not when you're dripping all the way through the kitchen, up the stairs, and into the bedroom, and certainly not when paying $19,000 per month for the privilege.
· 130 West 57th Street [Stribling]


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