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'Kardashians Slept Here' Sign Worth $195K

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One of the lingering after-effects of bedding a pair of Kardashian sisters may include a $195,000 price bump?if you're a penthouse at the Smyth hotel in Tribeca. The 2BR penthouse atop Thompson Hotel's Smyth at 85 West Broadway was one of the few units not to fall under the price chopping axe back in 2009. After a pair of the Kardashian clan lived in the building during their self-titled reality show "Kourtney and Kim Take Manhattan", the 1,762 square foot 2BR is on the market with a $195,000 price bump, to $4,995,000.

The Wall Street Journal points out that the sister's didn't actually stay in the 2BR penthouse condo currently being marketed as their former home, but at a smaller 1,400 square foot hotel suite a few floors down. We'll chalk this discrepancy up to the same sort of real estate marketing that had George Washington sleeping in every colonial roadside inn and tavern where he may have stopped to water his horse.

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