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Cherry Street Pathmark Finally Getting Replaced By Towers?

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The Pathmark on Cherry Street?inspiration for a Save Our Supermarket rally back in 2007?is finally closing, the Lo-Down reports. After five years of various behind-the-scenes legal battles, it appears a large-scale residential development may be coming to the spot. Such a development was proposed five years ago?the renderings above were created by the site's seller to entice potential developers?and the site allowed for up to 1.1 million square feet of new construction.

The two proposed renderings back in the day called for two 50-story towers or one 55-story tower, so those are possibilities. A Pathmark statement said the company is "preserving the right to operate" a supermarket on Cherry Street as part of this new development, so at least there's no need for rallies this time.
· Pathmark's LES Store Closing; Large Residential Development Planned [The Lo-Down]

250 South Street

227 Cherry Street, Manhattan, NY 10002