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Derek Jeter Finally Unloads Trump World Tower Penthouse

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Way to take the spotlight off of a tough moment for the Yankees. The real baseball news of the day is that shortstop Derek Jeter has finally sold his penthouse in Trump World Tower, according to public records spotted by The Real Deal. Jeter has been trying to sell the place since September 2010, and he even rented another apartment in the building for a while because a neighbor's loud construction was interfering with his sleep. The sale price was $15.5 million; Jeter spent $12.72 million on the apartment in 2001 and listed it for $20M and then $17.95M. He'll reportedly be downsizing to a smaller Manhattan home, and, we assume, taking his tabletop Pac-Man game along.

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Trump World Tower

327 E 47th St, New York, NY 10017