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Inside the Apartments and Amenities of 1214 Fifth Avenue

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[Photos by Will Femia.]

The new Mount Sinai tower at 1214 Fifth Avenue came to the market in late May as rentals (not, as we'd originally expected, condos). We hadn't visited, so photographer Will Femia took the Rafael Pelli-designed building up on an invite to stop by. See what he saw in the gallery above. The apartments occupy the 21st through 50th floors, with medical offices below, and the building is shooting for LEED Silver certification.
The building has a few things available right now. There's an alcove studio asking $3,625/month, a 1BR, 1BA asking $4,295/month, a 2BR, 2BA corner unit asking $7,695/month, and a corner 3BR, 3BA asking $9,195. Those seem like hefty prices to pay for Fifth Avenue at 102nd Street, but at least the initial plan to develop the building as a condo left the place with some cool amenities, like a playroom where the lights change color.
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4 East 102nd Street

4 East 102nd Street, New York, NY

1214 Fifth Avenue

1214 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY