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Carroll Gardens' Sackett Union Hits Market At Long Last

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Location: 340 Court Street/291 Union Street
Size: 11 townhouses, 32 condos
Prices: $1.36 million to $2.15 million for what's available now
Developer: Alchemy Properties
Architect: Rogers Marvel Architects
Sales & Marketing: Alchemy Properties

The building at 340 Court Street has been a long time coming, after its original developer ceased to exist and new owner Alchemy Properties gradually took control. Now, at last, the apartments are on the market! (The development also includes 11 townhouses, which don't seem to be available yet.) StreetEasy shows 16 units in contract already, as Brownstoner notes, including a $3.1 million penthouse. What's left ranges in price from $1.36 million to $2.15 million. Amenities: parking, roof deck, gym, storage. The final Rogers Marvel Architects design appears similar to the original, despite some neighborhood protest and discussions about lightening it. Renderings, floorplans in the gallery above.

What it'll cost ya:

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Sackett Union

291 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

291 Union Street

291 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231