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'Rumblings of Revolt' at Mercedes House; Seaport Tours

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HELL'S KITCHEN?Phase one of the Mercedes House construction is over a year past its completion date, and a tipster sends word that there are "rumblings of revolt" among the residents:

[The above photo] is the appearance of the front entrance to the "luxury" building. There are rumblings of revolt amongst the first renters who signed 2 year leases based upon promises like a boxing ring and other amenities that were greatly over exaggerated or never came about. The Building manager does not answer questions from residents about these matters.[CurbedWire Inbox; previously] FINANCIAL DISTRICT?The Museum of the City of New York is hosting an architectural walking tour of the South Street Seaport. The tour will highlight the area's historic buildings, like the Federal-style row houses on Front Street and red-brick Georgian home of Captain Joseph Rose. Reservations are required. [CurbedWire Inbox; tickets]

Mercedes House

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