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740 Park Now Coming to a PBS Station Near You

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It's been a big year for on-screen versions of Park Avenue. First ABC debuted 666 Park Avenue, on which people live unrealistically in beautiful apartments for free. Now it's time to look cinematically at the Park Avenue apartments of people so rich they probably feel like their homes are free: Michael Gross's 740 Park has been made into a movie. The film is called Park Avenue: Money, Power and the American Dream, and according to The Hollywood Reporter, will air in November on networks around the world, including PBS and the BBC. The film focuses on three denizens of 740 Park: Stephen Schwarzman, David Koch, and John Thain.

The slight twist is this: the film is part of a documentary series called Why Poverty?, so the focus is 740 Park as a lens through which to consider wealth distribution in the U.S.. Which sorta makes sense if, as the press release contends, 740 Park is a "key reference work on the .1%." The film will show up on iTunes, Hulu, Netflix, etc. sometime this month. We'll be watching.
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740 Park Ave

740 Park Avenue, New York, NY