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Where Will Derek Jeter's Next Awesome Bachelor Pad Be?

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Derek Jeter finally sold his apartment for $15.5 million after having it on the market for three years. Since then, he's been camping out in a tent he set up in the Yankees locker room, which is cool and all, but it's tough to sleep when Nick Swisher randomly shows up at 7 am to practice with his Dave Matthews cover band. Also, every time DJ tries to bring a girl home, Raul Ibanez starts doing creepy eyebrow things at her, and that can really cramp your style even if you are Derek Jeter. So, rumor has it, he's looking for a new place, reportedly one that's a little smaller than his Trump World Tower penthouse. And since he's busy with the playoffs and everything, we've compiled a list of suggestions tailored to the Captain's personal tastes.

Where: 255 East 74th Street #28A (above) [listing]
What 5BR, 4.5BA with 3,495 square feet
How Much: $8,995,000
The Scoop: One thing we know about Jeter is that he's not really a prewar kind of guy. He likes 'em new and shiny, with huge windows from which he can survey his domain. And even though it's rumored that he's going to downsize, that doesn't mean he's going to live in some crappy studio apartment like he's Francisco freakin' Cervelli or something. Jeter doesn't even technically know what the word "downsize" means, because he's a champion. This place is small enough.

Where: 230 West 56th Street #66A [listing]
What: Diddy's 3BR, 3.5BA with 2,292 square feet
How Much: $8,500,000
The Scoop: Jeter, if the photos from his just-sold penthouse are any indication, loves telescopes and pianos. Hip hop mogul Diddy's 66th floor apartment in The Park Imperial, recently listed for $8.5 million, has both those things. A perfect match! And hey, if it's good enough for Diddy...oh, well, actually it's apparently not good enough for Diddy. Strike that.

Where: 160 Central Park South #414 [listing]
What: 3BR, 3BA with 2,058 square feet
How Much: $4,750,000
The Scoop: Another thing that Jeter loves is decking his apartments out with Derek Jeter-themed detailing—the Trump World Tower penthouse has a diamond-shaped floor inlay with the number two inside. The completely white interior of this Jumeirah Essex apartment is just begging to have Yankee pinstripes painted all over the walls. It'd be like living inside Babe Ruth's jersey.

Where: 300 East 77th Street #11FLR [listing]
What: Jorge Posada's 4BR, 5.5BA with 5,600 square feet
How Much: $9,300,000, getting lower
The Scoop: Ever since the news broke that Derek sold his place, his phone has been blowing up with messages from former teammate Jorge Posada. "Hey, Jetes, it's me, Jorge. I guess you didn't get my other messages? It's cool, man, you must be super busy with stuff. But hey, I heard you're looking for a new place and I know about one that's like, super awesome, customized everything, the works. And it's an amazing deal. So cheap right now. You should really jump on this, because it's probably going to sell any day now. It's actually crazy that it hasn't sold yet. The economy, right? Anyway, hit me up just to talk or whatever. I've been calling Girardi about making me bullpen coach, so I'll probably see you next year anyway." There's a decent chance Jeter will buy this apartment and make it into his trophy room just so Jorge leaves him alone.
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