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Townhouse Seeks Classy Upper East Sider with $8 Million

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It's unlikely that those big leather chairs come with 506 East 87th Street, recently listed for $7,990,000, but they probably should because they just seem to fit. Those are serious chairs, for a serious person to sit in and read some serious books, or possibly the most serious section of a very serious newspaper. The house isn't gloomy per se, just...stern. Normally, you'd want whoever was taking the listing photos to turn all the lights on, but in this case the dimness seems appropriate. This house is not a place for mirth. There will be no gaiety, no frivolity, and certainly no giggling. If you wish, you may, once a month, pour yourself a glass of whiskey at the wet bar whilst smiling—grimly—and then drink it in the impeccably maintained rear garden. That is all.
· Listing: 506 East 87th Street [Brown Harris Stevens]