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Park Ave Apartment Sure Likes Chandeliers, Yellow

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Apartment stagers are always waxing poetic about how an apartment listing needs to provide a blank canvas onto which the buyers can project their hopes and dreams, whatever those may be. This apartment is not that. But, at $3,195,000, it is certainly something. The brokerbabble claims that it "has been completely renovated with high end finishes" and, later, that it "has been updated and no detail has been overlooked." Could it be possible that the columns, marble walls, and many chandeliers are new additions, or, in other words, that the design of this place was somehow conceived with resale value in mind? That's a scary thought—if you have an Emory Roth Park Avenue co-op, you shouldn't really need to spruce it up too much. Maybe the owners just wanted to do something to distract potential buyers from the fact that they seem to be actively preventing any of the views from being shown.

· Listing: 480 Park Avenue #3E [Elliman]