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$75,000/Month West Village Townhouse Now Has Photos

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The 9,000-square-foot "modern masterpiece" in the West Village is back, and now it has actual pictures, which somehow look even more like renderings than the renderings. It also still has the most futuristic amenities that $75,000/month can rent, including home security surveillance, in-ceiling speakers, home theatre, intercom, phone, heating, and air conditioning that you can control through a single app on your phone. (That probably doesn't get confusing.) But wait! There's more, including heated floors, silent pneumatic elevator, geothermal wine room, heated towel racks, dog bath, heated sidewalk with snow sensor, etc. etc. etc. Oh, and we almost forgot: the fridge has an ice machine! An ice machine! What is this, the Matrix or something? The house was designed by SPaN architects' Timothy Barry, who we'll probably be hearing a lot more about when the "Savant Home Automation" becomes self-aware and decides it's had enough of servitude.

Furniture is not included.

· Listing: 6 West 9th Street [Brown Harris Stevens]
· Minimalist Village House Asks Not-So-Minimal $75K/Month [Curbed]

6 West 9th Street

6 West 9th Street, New York, NY