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Manhattan's Coolest $3.6 Million Water Tank Finds a Buyer

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Perhaps the niftiest water tank in Manhattan sits atop 12 East 12th Street. It belongs to the owners of apartment 12SW, who hired architect and Richard Meier protegee Messana O'Rorke to redo their 2BR, 1.5BA condo?and to convert the water tank into a "cottage." It has 24-foot ceilings, cable, and central air, and the cottage-condo combo hit the market earlier this fall asking $3.6 million. A price that raised some skepticism among Curbed comments, but not, it seems, among buyers: the home is already in contract. We eagerly await the reveal of the final sale price.

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12 East 12th Street

12 East 12th Street, New York, NY