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Imagining a Greener Future for the Brooklyn Navy Yard

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Welcome back to Redesign the City, a feature in which University of Edinburgh architecture graduate William Weber reimagines how NYC neighborhoods and buildings could be improved or how they might look in the future. Have a building you want us to re-envision? Want to submit a rendering of your own? Please be in touch.

The Brooklyn Navy Yard's makeover calls for a supermarket, retail space, a parking lot, and a park where a cemetery once stood. That park is only 1.7 acres, though?so what if there were a way to add more green space to the Navy Yard? Our city redesigner William Weber has imagined just that, proposing waterfront parkland on the site's vacant piers in the style of Manhattan's West Side Highway. "The Naval Yard Hospital complex, museum, and future Navy Yard Hospital Memorial Landscape will now connect to the water through green corridors," Weber explains. His revised plan also calls for new mixed-use buildings for housing and for the use of the film and TV industries.

The Navy Yard as it is now has more than 40 buildings and 275 tenants spread over 300 acres. Here's the layout:

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