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'Very Approvable' Seaport Condos Very Approved

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Three months after the Landmarks Preservation Commission called architect Darrin Krumpus' plans for condos at 246 Front Street and 267 Water Street "basically very approvable," the Commission has finally given the designs the green light. The plans include a seven-story, five unit, mostly-brick building on Front Street, and a smaller four-story steel and zinc townhouse on Water Street, and now that they've been approved the developers have released the renderings from their island prison. The LPC had previously suggested that the Front Street cornice could be made to fit better with the rest of the street and that the Water Street facade could be better articulated. Those problems were, for the most part, addressed, and the LPC voted to approve the plans with the caveat that the developers continue to work with the research staff on improving the vertical articulation and adding depth to the Water Street townhouse. Krumpus is likely krumping with joy.
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246 Front Street

246 Front Street, New York, NY