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Long-Delayed Townhouse Coming to Fort Greene

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Plans for a three-family brick townhouse at 67 Greene Avenue in Brooklyn's best neighborhood were originally approved in 2008 (after a permit-less excavation had already begun.) They were never followed through on, however, and the site, which was purchased in 2007 for $525,000, was listed earlier this year for $750,000 and sold in April for an undisclosed amount. Taking over the project is Rachel Frankel Architecture, however, the design will remain largely the same. The house is to be four stories and 4,648 square feet, and largely in keeping with the rest of the neighborhood, with the main changes to the design being that the the stoop will be moved from right to left, and the first-floor lintels will now be arched and flush with the facade. The LPC stated that they did not have a problem with the stoop change, as the stoop pattern that had existed in the five 1860 rowhouses that 67 Greene Avenue had once been a part of had already been disrupted (67 and 65 were demolished in 1981 and currently only one of the original stoops remain.) They voted to approve the basically-already-approved-plans.

67 Greene Avenue

67 Greene Avenue, Brooklyn, NY