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Brokers, Park Slope Parents Implode Over Lost P.S. 321 Spots

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Real estate brokers in Park Slope and Washington Heights are freaking out over a proposal to redraw school zones in these two neighborhoods. In the biggest Slope saga since the infamous 2006 "Found: boy's hat" kerfuffle, an undetermined number of blocks would be cut off from Park Slope's coveted but overcrowded P.S. 321 and P.S. 107, and the changes could drastically alter property values. An agent for Betancourt & Associates Realty told the Times, "If somebody invests a million dollars and they want their kids to be in 107, and they're not, I don't know if 'devastating' would be a little too much, but it would be a big deal." One mother, who bought a condo on Fourth Avenue thinking that her daughter would attend 321, told the Times she's concerned "for my property value and for where my daughter will go to school. But property value is the biggest risk." Sorry kid, you're on your own.

But baby-makers just love Park Slope too much, and Community Education Council president Jim Devor says that not much else can be done. "I don't know how else you're going to meet the needs of those children, unless we put saltpeter in the drinking water to prevent conceptions. Real estate brokers are going to go ballistic, but the alternatives we're considering placing these children in are not exactly chopped liver."
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